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WB 4th July 

Reception have found a love of helicopter stories this week! We have noticed a big difference over the past few weeks, with the length and the structure of their stories. The children love writing them and then coming to the front at the end of the day to perform them with their peers. In maths this week, we have enjoyed revisiting shapes and learning about 3D shapes and their properties.

WB 20th June 2022

We are so proud of Reception for their Sport’s Day this week! Thank you, grownups, for coming to watch the children in their races. As well as doing amazingly in Sport’s Day, the children have also enjoyed learning about ‘Pirates!’ this week. We have been learning about non-fiction books and the different features of a non-fiction book. We have also been imagining what it would be like if we were Pirates! In maths, we have been learning about patterns in numbers and missing numbers.

WB 13th June

This week the children have really enjoyed the sunshine! They particularly loved watching the sun help the strawberries to grow in our garden. This inspired us to talk about how things grow and what plants/fruits need to help them grow. In maths, we have been learning about the composition of the number 10. We are getting so confident with our number bonds, can the children tell you any number bond facts?

WB 6th June 2022

Reception have had a very busy first week back! The children spent their half term break creating wonderful pirate ships; ready for our topic of ‘Pirates!’. Some of the children, with their carers, took part in the road safety walk- ready for our walk to the library on Thursday. We loved the library and learnt all about how to take books out and how to use the machines. Well done, Reception!


WB 16th May 2022

Reception were so happy to see their grownups visiting their classrooms for our ‘Stay and Play’ morning. Thank you to everyone who came. In English this week, we were presented with a very serious problem! Wilbur the cat had gone missing. So, in class, we created our own missing cat posters and interviewed Winnie to see if we can find him. The children completed lots of missing cat posters, interviewed the teachers and looked for paw print clues! They made brilliant detectives and they were able to return Wilbur to Winnie.

WB 9th May 2022

We have had a very busy week in Reception. We have been learning about our new story ‘Winnie the Witch’ writing descriptive sentences about her house. In maths, we have been revisiting doubling. The children have shown that they understand lots of different methods of finding the answer. We have been enjoying the sunshine this week, the children have been using their creative skills to create their very own mechanics.

WB 3rd May 2022

In class this week Reception have really enjoyed learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We have been matching the word to the animals and it has really encouraged the children to talk about different habitats and food groups. It has also inspired some wonderful writing, writing definitions for each animal.

WB 25th April 2022

The children are thoroughly enjoying our topic story “The Gruffalo”. They have learnt a new song all about the Gruffalo and have spent this week creating menus/ instructions for how to make a meal for him, we have seen some fantastic writing! Lots of the children have also been enjoying role playing the story using masks and we have seen some great acting!

WB 19th April 2022

We have had a great first week back in Reception! We loved looking through our home learning from half term and talking through the life cycles of different animals. In English, our new story is ‘the Gruffalo’ and it has inspired us to write some fantastic sentences. Here is an example of independent writing in the writing area, describing the character of the snake.

WB 28th March 2022

We’ve had a great week in Reception, the children were able to see some of the butterflies emerge from their cocoons! They have shown such interest in the whole process and it has been lovely to watch. This week the children have been working on their fine motor skills by using tweezers to place coloured cheerios onto a leaf. In maths they have been focussing on measuring and big/small and in English the children have been impressing us with their reading skills!

WB 21st March 2022

Our garden tree has blossomed! We were so excited to talk about all the changes that are happening to our tree. It has also hosted lots of mini beasts for us to investigate, including an injured bee that we researched ways to help.  All the sunny weather has inspired the children to build planes and buses to take them to a sunny destination! We have been revisiting our learning so far this term in maths this week and we are so very proud of how much progress they are making.

WB 14th March 2022

We have had a wonderful week! It was our school trip to Ingrebourne Valley, and we were on the lookout for mini beasts. The children’s day started with a mini beast hunt using nets and magnifying glasses. We then had a walk around the woods, exploring the different birds and trees that were around us. We also loved being on a double decker bus but were very sleepy on the journey home from a fun day of exploring! We are going to apply this understanding of mini beasts and what they look like to our writing next week, when we create fact files about mini beasts.

WB 7th March 2022

This week we have been reading the story 'Superworm' and learning all about Mini-beasts. We even had an exciting delivery. Caterpillars! The children were super excited to meet the caterpillars and are already asking when will they turn into butterflies. We look forward to seeing them grow each week before finally turning into butterflies. In English, we create our own riddles about mini-beasts and challenged our friends and adults to see if they could guess which mini-beast the riddle was about. In Maths, we have been exploring the number 7 by finding out which two numbers make 7, finding 7 objects and finding one more and one less than 7.