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WB 9th May 2022

This week in science we have been investigating the features of a plant.  First we used the magnifying glasses to look closely at the stem, leaves and buds, including pulling the buds apart to see what colour petals they had.  Then we discovered the plant roots hiding in the soil.  After carefully removing the soil, we stuck our plants in our books and added labels. We finished with a song to check we had learnt the names of the different plant parts and the jobs that they do.

WB 3rd May 2022

In art over the last couple of weeks, we have been developing our drawing skills.  This has included children using pencils to make different marks, learning how to shade and how to add detail to their drawings.  This week, we have applied all of these skills to create a drawing of a famous landmark. 

WB 25th April 2022

We started our new science topic this week, which is all about plants.  The children explored the school grounds to see which plants they could find.  As well as lots of grass, clover and daisies, we also found a few buttercups, bluebells and daffodils.  We also visited the community garden and learnt the difference between wild flowers and those which have been planted by humans.  The children’s challenge is to see which plants they can find outside of school, either at home, on the journey to school or when they are out and about.


WB 19th April 2022


In art this week, the children were introduced to the art of Andrew Goldsworthy, a British artist who creates his outdoor artwork using natural features. Inspired by some of his creations, the children collected some natural resources from around our woodland area and created their own masterpieces.  These ranged from pictures of flowers and trees to campfires and stickman.  Here are some of their creations – the sun, a house, leaves dancing on a stage and a pyramid floating on some water.



WB 28th March 

In science we have been making bird feeders from pipe cleaners and cereal hoops.  The children then decided where the best places would be to hang their feeders to encourage more birds to visit the school.  On Wednesday we did a bird survey in maths and learnt how to record information in a tally chart.  Despite the cold, grey weather, we saw lots of pigeons, magpies and seagulls, but it was not warm enough for the resident parakeets.  The children will be using their data to make block graphs at the end of the week.

WB 21st March 2022

The highlight of our week was Gemma’s farm visiting us at Dilkes.  The children had a chance to meet a range of farm animals including a sheep and its lambs, rabbits, chicks, 2 goats, 2 ferrets and these miniature horses.   Everyone enjoyed stroking and grooming the animals, feeding them and finding out more about how to look after them.  One of the chickens even laid an egg whilst we were there!

WB 14th March 2022

In science this week we have been learning about what different animals eat.  The children used Venn diagrams made from giant hoops to sort the animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We were surprised by how many different types of animal were omnivores, which included animals that were mammals, birds and amphibians.  Finally we did a quiz to test our knowledge. 

WB 7th March 2022

This week in 1O we have been learning a new story called the Way Back Home.  On Tuesday, we enjoyed creating a sound scape for different parts of the story.  We also listened to some music from a film about space and watched the astronauts having fun on the moon before writing our own descriptions of the setting.  Everyone tried really hard to include a simile in their writing, such as ‘the moon is as grey as an elephant’.