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Year 1

WB: 05/02/24


Over the past two weeks, the classroom has been buzzing with excitement and curiosity as the children delved into the world of science. With eager eyes and nimble fingers, they eagerly explored various materials, embarking on a journey of discovery to uncover their unique properties. From smooth stones to bouncy balls, from feathers to metal springs, each item presented a new puzzle waiting to be solved. 

Under the guidance of Alfalfa, the children engaged in hands-on experiments, testing the materials' absorbency and buoyancy. Through these experiments, the children not only learned about the physical properties of different substances but also developed critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the scientific method we looked at. 


What a fantastic way to end a fantastic term! 

WB: 22/01/24


What an incredible 2 weeks year 1 have had!


In English, children have immersed in a new genre of writing, traditional tales. They have explored the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and innovated it to create their own version. Within their writing they have continued to focus on sentence structure and composition ensuring they are using capital letters and full stops. Children have also started exploring a variety of sentence starters and have been using conjunctions in their writing to expand their ideas and add depth and imagery into their story.  

The vocabulary they have used has been amazing, see what synonyms and high level vocabulary your child can used to describe their big bad character or even their three little animals.



WB: 08/01/24

In maths, children in year 1 has been exploring measure. They have completed many experiments in relation to finding out the length of different objects, comparing volumes of containers and how much an item weighs in relation to a different object.  


Children have thoroughly enjoyed being investigators in their own learning. 


What a fantastic way to start 2024! 


WB: 28/11/23


Year 1 had an excellent 2 weeks of learning. The children studied measuring capacity, length and weight last week and mental calculations this week. We also began our non-chronological report about France which has just concluded today, writing about topics as varied as the food, landmarks, weather and other facts that we collected in our classes.  


Continuing on with the theme of France, we also studied physical and human features of France, such as the beaches of Normandy, the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph just to name a few. We really enjoyed teaching such an enriching curriculum to Year 1 this year. We kick off December with learning our lines for the Christmas play and practising our singing!  

WB: 13/11/23


Year 1 have had their French day this week! They did a lot of fun activities including tasting different French food such as Brie, croissants, crepes, baguettes and grapes. They also made models of the Eiffel Tower, painted the French flag, and learnt a song about French greetings.  

Mya representing France in red, white and blue. 



WB: 30/10/23


This week, Year 1 have started a new topic in English: Poetry.   


Children have been fully immersed in being poets and how poetry is created and written. They have researched different poems and looked at the similarities and differences between them. They have noticed that not all poems have to rhyme but all poems include stanzas, imagery and descriptive adjectives.  


Using these features, the children were able to create their own poem about fireworks and bonfires. The included the 5 senses for that extra flair! 


What an amazing way to start our new term! 

WB: 09/10/23


Over the last fortnight in year 1, children have not stopped with a variety of activities in a range of subjects.  


Children have been joined by parents in a reading workshop to explore our guided reading text ‘The man who wore all his clothes’ where they experienced a range of questions and new vocabulary.  


In English the children have focused on our new text the ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ where they have been fully immersed with the food many know and love, porridge. Children investigated the way it looks, moves, and smells with an interactive porridge lesson leading for a fantastic piece of writing focusing on the use of verbs and similes in their sentences. Mrs Sillett made an appearance and may or may not have, thrown porridge all over the tables and ceiling! The children then innovated this original story to write their own version of the well-known traditional tale, leading to the magic baked bean pot, the magic salad pot and magic crisp pot coming to life.  


Additionally in science children have become sensory investigators, conducting, and completing experiments surround their sense of touch and smell. From using adjectives to describe what they have felt and guessing if they knew what was inside the box. Many found that familiar textures on their skin are a lot easier to identify than those that they do not know. This was the same for smell, many children realised many foods and scents we smell each and every day are a lot easier to distinguish from those we don’t know. Did you know that the receptors in our nose and brain lock in identifiable smells to make the identification process easier? 


WB: 25/09/23


The fun has stopped in Year 1!


Over the past two weeks the children have continued to experience a wide variety of subjects and have explored new and exciting themes within these topics.


In English, the children have travelled across the world to experience and taste the fruits of the Caribbean and they have used exciting and interesting adjectives to describe the taste, appearance and scent of the different fruits. 


Additionally in science, children have explored the different senses and have conducted experiments where they not only investigated these senses but where they began to understand the process of recording their findings in variety a of ways.  


To support their learning, the children have been learning new songs, rhymes and dances to aid their understanding and cement the key features and information they will draw upon throughout their topic. Ask you children if they can sing and perform the sentence song for you or the five senses rap? 

WB: 11/09/23


Year 1 have started the year on a high and have had a fantastic two weeks. They have been immersing and exploring a wide range of new and exciting subjects from English to history and even design and technology. The children have begun their project on the theme: creating a windmill house for a mouse. Children have already researched, designed, and begun to assemble their prototypes.