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Year 2

WB 3.7.23


Today in DT, Year 2 created their own pizzas after previously researching food groups, identifying the most suitable bread for a base and finally tasting a variety of different toppings. Before the pupils created their pizzas, we recapped food hygiene and how to remain safe whilst cooking. During the lesson, they demonstrated their ability to construct a pizza that met their design criteria and adapted it were necessary. For example, the number of toppings. 

WB 24.4.23

Last Tuesday we went to Colchester Zoo. We saw lots of incredible animals such as: penguins, tropical fish, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and so much more. We explore a variety of different habitats and discussed which animals lived there and how they had adapted to their environment.


WB 27.3.23

To end our art topic on Nancy Standlee, we looked at her work ‘Pretty Bird’ to inspire us to create our own bird and lotus flower drawings. We used a range of mediums to then shade them in including pencils, pastels and charcoal. Pupils took part in a class gallery walk to further inspire their work and support each other with the drawings and shading. Here are a couple of examples of their work. 

WB 6.3.23

This week in art, Year 2 have been learning about Nancy Standlee, an award winning contemporary artist who uses a range mediums to create collages. The pupils used a variety of maps, stamps, music sheets and colour to create everyday images such as shoes, doves and cupcakes. The pupils supported each where needed. We looked at a range of Nancy’s work to develop an understanding of how to create our own images and how to contrast different colours to create effect.  Next week, we will continue our topic by creating our own drawings.


WB 20.2.23

What a great return to school. This week the children have been learning all about 'The Magic Paintbrush!' The children had to think of ways they would use a magic brush and if they had one for 24 hours, what would they do first? The children had some really creative ideas: some children would turn everyone's face into a happy face so that they would always be able to smile even if they were upset. One child said that they would create a beach in the school playground. 

Why not ask your child what they would do if they had a magic brush?


WB 6.2.23

As our ‘Great Fire of London’ history topic came to end, we went out and burnt the houses we had built. With this activity, children were reminded the reasons the fire spread in first place. Thank you, Mr Latham, for helping us out and setting the houses alight. Afterwards, we discussed all about fire safety and how we should stay safe at our homes and what we should do in case of a fire. 

WB 30.1.23

In history this week, we have been continuing to learn about The Great fire of London and how the fire was able to spread so easily. We have discovered that the combination of the houses being made of wood and straw while being built extremely close together allowed the fire to spread from building to building with very little effort. The strong westerly wind and the long, hot dry summer also allowed the fire to spread almost controllably across London. To further understand the how the houses were built Year 2 created their own in preparation for the next lesson. 

WB 23.1.23

This week, our topic in English has been story writing based on a short film. Children watched a clip called 'The Tree' and using this as inspiration, wrote an effective opening to their stories. Next week we will write our very own innovated stories based on this clip! Everyone is excited and we can’t wait to read their stories! 

WB 16.1.23

In DT this week we have explored the stability, stiffness and strength of various shapes and objects. The children carried out various experiments with a variety of materials such as paper, card and cardboard to see how the properties of these materials play an important role to the stability of a structure. We found out that a cardboard cuboid holds more than 50 books! 

WB 9.1.23

In Year 2 we became history detectives and had the opportunity to look at primary sources. We looked at maps, hearth tax and law documents. This gave us a greater understanding of how The Great Fire of London happened.

WB 3.1.23

In RE this week, we learnt the difference between special places and religious or sacred places. First, we looked at various places in the local area and discussed why they were either special or sacred. Following this, we went on to look at a mosque, church and synagogue and identified why they where important and some items, rules and expectations associated with each.


WB 5.12.22

This week in English, we have been writing our narrative for our topic, Man on the Moon. First,  we immersed ourselves into the advert to gain a deeper understanding of the characters and their emotions. After this, we created a plan and have since been developing our writing skills by adapting the advert into a narrative. The pupils have been engrossed in the topic and this has shown in their amazing writing.




WB 7.11.22

This week in geography, Year 2 have been learning about the physical features of Brazil. We researched different features and looked at photos and videos to help secure the knowledge for our report. The pupils supported each other and learnt about the Pantanel Wetlands, The Amazon Rainforest and The Amazon River. We discovered that there are a wide variety of both plant and animal species and now better understand deforestation. Next week, we will continue our investigation of Brazil by looking at the human features .

WB 31.10.22

This week Year 2 have been introduced to our new topic in Art – printing. Children started looking at different patterns; in nature, buildings, African and Islamic patters. We went out in the playground and noticed that the brickwork is a pattern, tiles on the roofs and we spotted patterns even on the trees. Then we practised making patterns and used a variety of objects to explore printing. It was a blast!

WB 17.10.22

As part of our topic, British life and Culture, children have been looking at changes within the British transport system. We looked at images of different buses and became detectives working out which bus was oldest to newest. Then we investigated further by looking at changes within transport using words like now, next, past and nowadays. The children were all really inspired to write. Have a look at some of the examples below.

WB 10.10.22

This week in DT, Year 2 have been creating their pouches. First of all, they used their templates to cut out their felt using fabric scissors. After that, they pinned the two pieces of fabric together and attached them using running stitch which they have been learning over the last few weeks. The pupils supported each when they had difficulty and everyone was able to complete the basic pouch ready to complete next week. 

WB 3.10.22

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed the Coronation workshop this week. The children enjoyed looking at artefacts and for some of the precious items the children wore white gloves! Then they explored the history of the royal family, made souvenirs such as mugs and made invitations for a party. In the afternoon, the children had a tea party and recreated the Queen’s coronation.

WB 26.9.22

In Year 2 this week, we have been innovating a traditional tale based on the story, The Papaya that spoke. Using their knowledge of the story, characters and the setting, the children have produced some amazing writing. There stories have been filled with all of our learning focuses thus week including traditional language, expanded noun phrased and speech.


WB 19.9.22

In Year 2 this week, we have been innovating a traditional tale based on the story, The Papaya that spoke. Using their knowledge of the story, characters and the setting, the children have produced some amazing writing. There stories have been filled with all of our learning focuses thus week including traditional language, expanded noun phrased and speech.

WB 5.9.22

This week Year 2 have come back and settled into routine fantastically.


In Science, we are learning all about materials. We went on a materials hunt, sorted materials and compare them. We even tried to use lots of scientific vocabulary to sort them but found it tricky when there was more than one material, so we applied our maths knowledge of Venn diagrams and sorted lots of objects. How else could we have sorted these objects?