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WB: 17/03/24

Our book of the week we are learning about is called The Rainbow Fish. The children have been exploring similarities and differences, showing care and kindness to others. We have been making our very own rainbow fish using different materials and glitter. The children also have been enjoying our activity this week, we have been removing the rubbish and cleaning the ocean from plastic. Our phonic letter of the week is 'a', around the apple and down the leaf.


WB: 25/03/24

This term we are focusing on activities around Amazing animals. Our book of the week is Rumble in the Jungle. The children have been take parting in activities throughout the week such as creating animal prints in the playdoh and discussing which one are their favourites, we also been creating our very own jungle, sticking the animals into the correct places of where they live. The children loved playing in the swamp with the crocodiles. 




WB: 05/02/24

This week in Nursery, we have been focusing our activities around Goldilocks and the three bears. The children have been using simple props to act out the story especially creating their very own bear masks. The children have been creating their very own Valentines Day cards for their families, they have been drawing their own picture inside. On Thursday the parents came into Nursery for Stay and Play to see how their children are progressing and how well they are getting on in Nursery.


WB: 22/01/24

This week in Nursery, we have been focusing on the story ' The gingerbread man'. The children have been learning about the story and retelling the book using simple props. We have been learning about recognising numbers 1-6 and putting them into the correct order using the magnetic numbers. The children have been making their very own gingerbread men using tissue paper and Pom poms.


WB: 08/01/24


The children have settled back into Nursery really well. They have been building new relationships with adults and peers. This term we will be focusing on forming letters from our name and recognising numbers from 1-10. Our playdough activity for this week, is all about different shapes.


WB: 10/12/23


As we are getting closer to Christmas, the children have been practising their Christmas songs and dances ready for their performances. The children have been enjoying the Christmas activities such as creating their very own snowmen. This week for our activities the children have been forming the numbers accurately and correctly. Our new sound of the week is the Letter I, down the insect body and a dot for his head. The children have had a lovely term, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Nursery team🙂


WB: 28/11/23


This week our activities are focused around Doctors and Nurses, people who help us. The children were able to explore a range of equipment used by a doctor, for example medicine, gloves and stethoscope. 


The children have started to create their very own Christmas cards, using their feet for the mistletoe, they have really enjoyed getting their feet messy. Our sound of the week is 'T', Down the tower, across the tower.


During the week, we had the pleasure of being joined by the children's adults. They were able to come in for stay and play, to see how their children are progressing and how they are getting on in Nursery.




WB: 13/11/23

Our story of the week is ' Guess how much I love you', the children have been focusing on comparing sizes, measuring the length of their bodies and how much they have grown since half term. We have also been looking at who looks after or helps us when we have been feeling ill. During phonics the children have been recapping the sound M and this week we will be introducing our new sound "A, around the apple, down the leaf and S slither down the snake.


WB: 30/10/23


The children have settled back in really well for their first week at Nursery. Our next topic for this term will be about people who help us. During our choosing time, the children were pretending to be different people who can help us in the community for example a builder or a police officer. Our phonic sound this week is the Letter M, 'Maisie Mountain Mountain', we have been practising how to write the letter M with different resources.


WB: 09/10/23


This week in Nursery, we have been focusing on our new book ' Peace at last'. The children have been drawing their very own bears using the colouring pencils and we have been putting the Bears into the right colours. During the week, the children have been creating their very own umbrellas for our new display board.


WB: 25/09/23


This week in Nursery, our theme has been Elmer the Elephant. We have been focusing on differences and similarities within the classroom as well as talking about our appearances. The children even had the chance to make their very own Elmer. We have also been focusing on numbers, recognising numbers and matching them on the correct Elmer. 


WB: 11/09/23


Well, what can we say... it has been lovely welcoming our nursery children back into school as well as meeting lots of new children. The children have all settled in well and have been busy exploring their new provision. We have been focusing on learning our new school routines as well as making new friends. We are so looking forward to the exciting year ahead.