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WB: 05/02/24

Wow... Busy, busy, busy - that's the best way to sum up the last two weeks. 

Reception had a blast last week celebrating 'Number Day' in honour of the NSPCC and all of their incredible work. The children weighed ingredients to make shortbread biscuits and learnt how to count in Portuguese. They were amazing! 


This week, the learning and fun did not stop. The children have been creating their very own Superheroes and they wrote descriptions explaining what their super power was. In light of Children's Mental Health Week, we have been celebrating everything that makes us special. We have discussed how we feel proud and loved and spoken about the people who make us feel this way. To end the week, the children dressed up in their favourite outfits to express themselves. 


Finally, we are immensely proud of the effort made by the children when creating their emergency vehicles. Many of them are proudly on display in our school corridors for all visitors and children to see! 


Have a fantastic and restful Half term! 



WB: 22/01/24


The last two weeks have been jam packed with learning and excitement. 


Last week, the children invited their parents in for a 'Stay and play' session. They were so well behaved and they had an excellent time showing their grown ups all of their favourite things to do. 


In English, we have been reading our new book: Supertato! The children have been immersed in the story and have been writing letters. The Evil Pea trashed our classroom and Supertato needed help to trap him - lucky Reception were there with their great ideas! 


WB: 08/01/24


Happy New Year! 


We have been thrilled to welcome the children back into school to start their second term. We have started our new topic: People who help us and been fully immersed in our new book, 'People Need People'. The children have discussed who looks after them within the community and have written sentences using the conjunction 'because'.


In maths, the children have been learning all about addition and subtraction and they were able to show off their incredible work in a maths workshop. 

WB: 10/12/23


This week in Reception we watched the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert, ’Edgar the Dragon’ and we discussed why Edgar was sad and how Ava was a good friend to Edgar. We talked about what makes a good friend and drew a picture of ourselves and our friends. In our writing we created a party invitation to invite Edgar to the Christmas party. In maths, we have been recognising and creating repeating patterns by printing different shapes.  


WB: 27/11/23


Over the last two weeks, we have been learning all about measure in maths. We compared the length of our shoes with our friends and used every day language relating to measure to describe the weight of everyday objects. We also had a go at being human scales to show which items are light and which items are heavy.  


In English, we have been learning all about using adjectives for our descriptive writing. First, we thought of adjectives to describe the forest where Little Red Riding Hood travelled through to Grandma’s house and then we used adjectives to describe Little Red Riding Hood herself.  


WB: 13/11/23



This week in Reception, the children have enjoyed learning all about Diwali and they have made their own clay Diya lamps. We look forward to seeing how the children paint and decorate their lamps before taking them home.  



In English, we have been learning our new story, ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ through Pie Corbett actions. The children have worked hard on their writing this week and have used their phonics to write speech bubbles for the Billy goat.  


WB: 30/10/23


It has been lovely to see our children back in school after a well deserved rest. The children have been learning a new story this week, using Pie Corbett actions. They have been fully immersed in retelling the story of 'The Little Red Hen' which they are looking forward to sharing with parents soon. 

In line with our topic: traditional tales. The children have enjoyed a "Cinderella day" where they dressed up as princesses and princes and participated in ballroom and an afternoon tea! 


RS Class


RP Class


WB: 09/10/23


This week the children have enjoyed our new focus story in English, ‘Funnybones’. In our story we meet three skeletons who live in a dark, dark house. The children have been able to recall what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story by sequencing pictures from the story. We have also been creating our own skeletons out of cotton buds and discussing why we have a skeleton. In maths, we have been using numicon to explore different ways of making ten.  


WB: 25/09/23


In Reception the children have enjoyed exploring different action words during our English story ‘What makes me a me’ and we even wrote our very first sentences about different things we can do. Some children wrote ‘I can swim’, ‘I can run’ or ‘I can jump’. This week we have a new story in English, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and while the monkey was busy in the story searching for his family, we worked hard in English drawing pictures of our families and using our phonics to label them.  


In Maths, we have been exploring the composition of numbers up to five. We have sung 5 little ducks; 5 little speckled frogs and we have used 5 multilink cubes to find different ways of making 5.  


WB: 11/09/23


Reception have had an amazing first two weeks settling into Dilkes Academy! We have been learning all about rules and routines and have had lots of fun exploring all the different activities and areas in EYFS. This week we have been practising writing our name and in maths we have been exploring number songs. Our class bears enjoyed their first weekend visits and the children enjoyed telling the class all about their adventures with Bertie and Charlie!