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Year 2

WB: 05/02/24



In Humanities this week, the children have completed their Great Fire of London topic by recreating the houses from 1666. They used cardboard to represent the wood and then lined them up close together so they could see how the fire spread so quickly.  

Year 2 also had their Great Fire of London workshop from the National Archives. It was a great session where they had to look at different artefacts to find out whether what they had learnt was true. Through their investigations, they found out that the fire did start in Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane.   

WB: 22/01/24


Year 2 have been busy over the last couple of weeks, continuing to learn about the Great Fire of London. They have thoroughly enjoyed finding out key facts about the events that took place and have written a diary entry in the role of Samuel Pepys.  

Everyone has also been working hard in Maths and it was great to see so many parents at our workshop. We hope you found it useful to see the different methods we use, and this will help you to support your child at home.   

In Science, the children have been learning about how they can stay healthy, by learning about the different food groups. The children created their own menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner to ensure they were able to create a balanced meal. Why don’t you see if you child can name the food groups that have been included in their meals at home?  

WB: 08/01/24


In DT, the children in Year 2 have been exploring strength and stability. They have completed a range of tests using different shapes to work out which one would be best to make the legs of Baby Bear’s chair.  

Last week, the children tested stability, where they made different 3D shapes out of clay and raised a board to see how far it could go before the shape fell over. They found out that a shapes with a flat base were the most stable. This week, the children then used these shapes to test the strength of them. They did this by balancing books on top of the shapes and again found that the shapes that had a flat base and top were most suitable. They all agreed a cylinder would make a good chair leg. Finally, they worked in teams to see if they could make their chair legs stronger by adding more layer or more legs. It would great to see how the children worked together and used their problem-solving skills to work this out. Some children managed to make a structure that held 17 books.

Well done Year 2.  



WB: 10/12/23



This week the children have been making Christmas wrapping paper in their Art lesson. They drew a Christmas design to make their stamp and used different colours to create a repeated pattern. They are very excited to take them home and wrap up a Christmas present.  


In English, Year 2 have been working hard to write their story about the man on the moon. It has been great to see how they are now using more exciting vocabulary to add more detail to their work. 


We are still working hard on our Christmas production ready to show parents next week. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  


WB: 28/11/23


Last week, Year 2 had their Brazil enrichment day. The children had a fantastic day learning more about Brazil and using the knowledge they had already learnt to complete the activities.  

During the day, they learnt about the famous Brazilian carnivals and made their own bright, colourful masks. They then spent some time learning numbers, colours and phrases in Portuguese. Why don’t you ask you child if they remember any of the words they learnt? They then finished the day off with some amazing samba dancing, learning different moves and songs which they performed in class. Everyone had so much fun. 

WB: 13/11/23

Year 2 have been exploring tones in art this week. They experimented with adding white and black to a colour to see what happened. They then practised their printing skills to show this. Year 2 have also been learning about multiplication in Maths and using arrays to solve the calculations. In English this week the children have started to learn about non-fiction texts. This week they have been writing a report about Dilkes Academy and next week they will be researching and writing about nocturnal animals.  




WB: 30/10/23

This week, the children have been learning the story of ‘The Greedy Fox’ in English. They have fully immersed themselves into the story and used the Pie Corbett actions to retell it independently. Why don’t you ask your child to perform the story for you at home? They have also begun to innovate the story and we look forward to reading all their own versions next week. We have also started a new topic in Geography and begun learning about Brazil, locating the country on a world map. In Art, the children have been exploring patterns. They have completed repeated patterns and made their own. This has been great practise for when they design and make their own Christmas wrapping paper in a few weeks.  

WB: 09/10/23


Over the past two weeks, we have visited the Royal Mews in London to learn about what happens during a coronation. The children had lots of fun and especially liked learning about the different carriages that the King uses and seeing some of the horses that pull them. The highlight was seeing the gold coronation carriage, we were amazed how shiny and long it was! We also had an opportunity to go round the corner and see the front of Buckingham Palace. We checked if the King was in by looking at the flag and saw the guards standing very still guarding the entrance. We also spent some time in St. James Park and seeing the nature within it. Pictures will be up soon! Thank you for the amazing trip, you made us and Dilkes immensely proud. 



In school we have been conducting a variety of different experiments in science to test materials. These have included; checking if materials are hard-wearing for a pair of dungarees, which material would be best for a set of curtains that keep the light out and which material would be most suitable to make a tea bag from. We have had lots of fun experimenting and finding the results.  

WB: 11/09/23


Year 2 have had a great two weeks and have already been busy learning. In English, they have been looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but it is not the traditional story we are all thinking of. Little Red is really rotten. The children have written some fantastic descriptions of the character describing her appearance and personality. In DT they have been busy practising their sewing skills in preparation to make a pouch by the end of the half term. We have also been learning about the monarchy in History and it has been wonderful to see how excited the children are to find out what it is like to be a King or Queen.