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Summer 1 - Building Learning Powers

Spring 2 - Kindness

Spring 1 Challenge - Learn A New Skill!

The aim for this half term is to also build confidence as you perform the skill, resilience as it may take a lot of time and patience and self reflection as you will need to analyse how well learning the skill has gone.


Learning a new skill is a rewarding way to increase your knowledge and find enjoyment.


You could:

  • Learn a new language
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Learn a skill linked to a particular sport
  • Learn a cooking skill
  • Learn to draw

…. the list is endless and completely up to you!


Over the next month, you will need to practice this new skill. You will need gather evidence over the whole month and email pictures and/or videos of you performing your new skill at the end of the month. It would be great if you could also include an explanation of what you did throughout the whole month and why you chose this skil

Autumn 2 - Challenge 2 - Creative Arts

For this challenge children will be using and developing their photography skills.

It is time to head outdoors and take a picture to become Dilkes Wildlife/Nature Photographer of the Year!

Nature photography is a term used to cover all types of outdoor photography from birds and other animals, to plants and landscapes. As the seasons changes from Autumn to Winter this half term, there will be plenty of wonderful opportunities to capture nature. 

Autumn 1 - Challenge 1 - Event Planning 

Plan an event or trip with your family.

This could be: a trip to the park; a trip to the cinema; a trip to the seaside; a family night; a movie night; a games night; a party; a karaoke/dance evening. The choice is yours!

For this challenge you will be using your organisation and budgeting skills.


End of Challenge Update

It was fantastic to see all the great events that children planned for themselves and their families. The children were able to use lots of great life skills such as organisation, budgeting, cooking and time management. There was a huge range of fun activities planned such as movie nights, games nights, shopping trips, zoo trips, park visits, afternoon tea, a cooked three course meal.


Well done to the following children:

Edward D 5C, James D 1S, Eliana D 5C, Grace E RS, Lily B 3N, Joshua B 5C, Nathan B 3N, Lola O 3N, Nayel RPY, Evelyn S 3O, Gracie D 2K, Joshua P 2M