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Our school is very proud to have registered as an Eco School which recognises our commitment to developing strategies that sustain and enhance resources and the environment. To find out who the eco warriors are please click here .The eco- warriors have achieved the Silver award and are on their way to achieve the Green flag. To get the award, the Eco-Warriors carried out an Environmental Review of the school in November. The aim of the Environmental Review was to identify the impact the school was having on the environment in each of the 10 topics covered within the Eco-Schools:  Transport, Waste, Litter, Global perspective, Healthy Living, Energy, Biodiversity, water, Climate change and Outdoor Learning. Please click here to look at their action plan for 2018-2019

Eco Club runs every week on a Wednesday after school. It is led by the children, Mrs Guilbert and Mrs Nelder. As a team we decide what we need to look at in order to help us remain an Eco Friendly school. We tend to the orchard, discuss ways to help children recycle, save energy and help the environment.


Recent Projects include:

  1. Tackling waste
  •         BAG2SCHOOL:

the Eco Warriors organises a clothes & shoe collection with Bag2School in order to raise funds for the school as well as helping the environment by diverting unwanted textiles away from landfill.


Dikes Eco-Warriors and Reading Ambassadors joined forces to run our first ever Book Exchange event.   Following a wave of publicity posters made from recycling paper and designed by the Eco-Warriors. Children from Nursery to Year 6 brought in books that they no longer wanted to read, ranging from The Gruffalo’s Child to The Diary of the Wimpy Kid.  During the event over 230 books were swapped and everyone seemed very happy with their new reads. 


Eco warriors are collecting used, empty pens from their classroom to be recycled.    Dilkes Academy are now a BIC® Community Champion (drop-off location), where everyone can come and drop their writing instruments to our collection point, during school hours, Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 3:15. 

  •         Battery Hunt

Every Year there is a battery hunt, where adults and children bring in their used batteries for them to be recycled by Duracell.



  •         TREE PLANTING:

The Eco Warriors have teamed up with the school council in creating a child friendly orchard on our school grounds. We have been lucky to be part of the government funded tree planting project that took place with Thames Chase and their wonderful volunteers, who came into the school to bring the Eco warrior’s eco-friendly plan into action, helping them create their child friendly orchard and to teach us a little bit more about the importance of trees and how to care for them.


  •         Water wise:

The Eco-Warriors organised a fantastic production in school called ‘Super Splash Heroes’. The aim was to help everyone in school to become “water wise”. They taught us all about the importance of water conservation and how they can be Super Splash Heroes and save more water at home.

Pupils at Dilkes Academy gained an understanding of how much water that they use at home and school, and how much water is wasted. Pupils now understand the principals of saving water and how they can make simple changes to their water using habits. Pupils can explain in the action that can be taken to reduce our water use.


Tree Planting with Thames Chase


Pupils had lots of fun this week planting a range of trees around our school grounds. Over the course of the two days 140 trees were planted ranging from oak to dogwood. The success of our tree planting days will help Dilkes Academy remain an eco-school. A special thanks to Mr Sanger who helped the classes plant their trees. We look forward to welcoming Thames Chase on Monday 25th November to work with Year 4 pupils as part of their ‘Trees for Learning’ scheme where the team will run an outdoor learning session giving the children lots of facts about the trees they are planting. They will be back in the spring to check on the progress of the trees.