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Citizenship Award

Dilkes Academy Citizenship Award


A good citizen is someone who respects others and their property.

He/she is helpful and considerate, willing to put others first.

He/she listens to the views of others and thinks about what they have to say.

He/she helps people who are no in a position to help themselves.

He/she respects the environment and does not damage it in anyway.

He/she works hard.

He/she is well mannered and pleasant.

He/she is always willing to learn.


Our Dilkes Citizenship Award is a celebration of you contributing to the communities you live in (in school and out of school).

Mrs Nye and Mrs Kular will be setting a series of challenges for you to put our core values and Building Learning Powers to use in the wider community.


Challenge 1: Charity

Take part in a charity event. How you choose to do this challenge, is up to you! It may be a charity or cause that is close to your heart, or it might be a charity that you

want to find out more about.  Perhaps you could:

Donate toys/clothes/books

Raise money

Help/ volunteer


Send in your evidence to This may be a poster, video, photos, power-point - the choice.

In assembly today, Mrs Nye and Mrs Kular have both shown how their take on the challenge.

Send your evidence to This may be a poster, video, photos, power-point - the choice is yours! All entries are to be submitted electronically..

A huge congratulations to all children who took part in the Citizenship Award Challenge this half term.


Archie, Evelyn, Amelia, Veda, Edward, James, Ireoluwa, Ogooluwa, Elliott, Eliana, Drew, Sophia, Tyler and Amelia.


Mrs Nye and Mrs Kular were so impressed with the caring, thoughtful and generous charitable acts that children did such as donating clothes and toys to charity shops, raising money for Children in Need, swimming lengths of a pool in scuba diving equipment, using their own money to buy present for children in need at Christmas, donating their own toys to make a special Christmas parcel for a child in need, buying and taking food to a homeless charity and the foodbank and donating food tokens to local community projects.

A special well done to Elliott Larner who achieved the Citizenship Badge this half term. What started as a litter pick to raise awareness for the RSPCA and to clean up his local area soon turned into 3 weekends worth of litter picks and fundraising! He also spread a little Christmas cheer each week by dressing up as Santa to complete his litter pick! Details |

Challenge 2 - Caring for The Environment

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This half term we have teamed up with the Eco Club to launch the second Citizenship Challenge!

In order to achieve this month’s citizenship award you will need to show that you have helped the environment over a period of time. You will have 4 weeks to document what you have been doing every day/ week and submit your evidence as a picture collage with details on what you have. You could choose to focus on one area of caring for the environment or you could complete a number of different things consistently each week. Remember – it mustn't’ just be a one off!

Please send your entries to Mrs Nye and Mrs Kular via email on the 9th February 2022. You have 4 weeks to show us how you can care for the environment ... GO GO GO!

Well done to the following pupils who took part in the Citizenship Award this half term.


Veda - Year R - Veda has been completing activities towards caring for the environment and saving the planet. She has been ensuring the doors are shut to keep the heat in the room reducing the need to use the radiators; she has been taking her own bag to the shops; saving electricity by switching off the lights; saving water by turning off the taps when brushing her teeth; reducing her meat intake so that 80% of her diet is vegetarian and has been helping to reduce pollution by walking to school and to places that are nearby.


Archie A - Year 1 - Archie has been using his scooter or bike to travel around rather than taking the car. A huge round of applause for actively scootering to school everyday since January! He has certainly cared for our environment by helping to reduce pollution!


Eliana D - Year 4 - Eliana has engaged with many activities to care for the environment this half term and has also helped score lots of points in the Planet Super League. Eliana has been recycling and upcycling clothing, eating meat-free meals and has made some easy swaps to reduce plastic like using bars of soap and refilling her water bottle rather than buy new plastic ones. Eliana is also our citizen of the of the half term!


Additionally, an extra special mention the these three children as this is also the second citizenship challenge they have completed. They are firmly on their way to collecting all the challenge certificates for the year!

Challenge 3 - Hosting

In order to achieve this month’s citizenship award you will need organise an evening to cook and entertain your family!
Decide on a meal, research the recipe, head to the shops to buy the ingredients, prepare a menu to let your family know what they will be eating. Cook and share your delicious meal with your family and follow this up with some family games for the perfect evening.
What do you need to submit as evidence?
• Menu
• Pictures of your meal and games night
• Quotes from your family about the meal and evening!

Well done to the following children:

Veda - who made a list of all the ingredients for her menu and shopped for ingredients that were not in the cupboards ro fridge at home already. Veda made pizza in a bowl (Kular's kitchen recipe), Tortilla bowls and  microwave mug cake good food recipe). The whole family enjoyed Guess Who and Connect 4 after dinner too!

Adela - who designed her own three course meal which included an 'ice cream special' for dessert as well as playing games and spring ball in the garden

Evelyn - who made a chicken and prawn stir fry. She wrote down the ingredients and recipe and was a great chef in the kitchen.

Edward and James - who planned and helped cook a Mother's Day BBQ as well enjoying a walk in the park and playing Just Dance.

Sofia - who cooked a delicious pasta dish and played games with her sister.

Freya - who cooked garlic bread, spagaehtti bolognese finished off with ice cream. She wrote her shopping list and helped buy the food with mum. The family enjoyed a games evening finished off with dancing.

Talia - who foraged some wild garlic and used this in her pasta dish and had fun playing twister.

Joshua - who cooked his own pizza and wedges and enjoyed playing twister and a target board game.


A huge well done to our Citizen of the Month - Archie in Year 1. He hosted a ‘minecraft’ themed evening by making invitations and drawing pictures. He wrote a shopping list of all the ingredients we needed to purchase from the supermarket so as we could make a cake! He invited nanny over to join us. Archie provided an evening of entertainment too! 

Citizenship Award Challenge 4 - Growing