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WB 27th June 2022

WB 20th June 2022

This week in RE, we have continued learning about values and the importance of them. First, we looked at a range of values and decided which ones were the most important, important and the least important. This followed with a class discussion about why they placed them under those headings. During this discussion, they went on to highlight many others that they as individuals value the most, such as, family (being the main one), health and wellbeing - an important value overall because we have all felt the impact of Covid over the last couple of years in one way or another. They also included friendship in the top three plus many more. As parents, you should be proud of your children because they have a good understanding of what is important to them and know why they are important.

WB 13th June 2022

WB 6th June 2022

WB 16th May 2022

WB 9th May 2022

WB 3rd May 2022

WB 25th April 2022

In Year 4 this week we have explored the history of Big Ben.

Big Ben is probably the world's most famous clock. This iconic silhouette is instantly recognisable landmarks on the planet.


We found out where the materials to make Big Ben came from, why it was built and how it got its name plus many more interesting facts about this famous landmark.

WB 19th April 2022



Our DT topic this summer half-term is all about ‘Pavilions’.

This week we explored and constructed temporary frame structures using toothpicks and mini marshmallows to hold the structure together. We discussed how structures need to be strong and stable shapes. As a class, we looked at examples (e.g., pyramids), these helped to influence our design. We continue to explore by creating larger structures from these materials whilst considering aesthetics, strength and stability.


WB 28th March 2022

In science this week, as a class, we investigated pitch. Through their exploration, they found out the tighter, thinner or shorter the elastic band was, the higher pitched the sound was and the looser, thicker or longer the elastic band was, the lower the sound was. Concluding their investigation, they found that pitch also depended on how fast or slow an object is vibrating. Faster vibrations will make a sound higher, and slower vibrations will make a sound lower.

WB 21st March 2022

This week in our English lessons, we have been immersing into the story of Narnia by exploring and describing the amazing setting of Narnia and the characters. The children have written a setting description of Narnia through Lucy’s eyes. Their focus was on using a variety of fronted adverbials, imaginative vocabulary and a range of expanded noun phrases. Across the year group, they all enjoyed writing this setting description; when you read them, you feel as if you are in Narnia yourself!

WB 14th March 2022

In PSHE, we are learning about money and how to keep track of what is being spent. In class this week, we have discussed various ways that can help us to do this, such as, check your bank statement often, check prices of items you want to buy, don’t waste your money on things you don’t need - there were many more great suggestions. The discussion then led onto what is happening in now in the real world - rising fuel and food bills etc.


The children went into the role of an agony aunt and had to reply to young person living on their own who is extremely worried about their finances. As a class, they highlighted the expenditures that were not necessary and then replied giving them advice on the areas as to where they can make savings.

WB 7th March 2022

In science this week, 4N explored different ways of making sounds and then recorded our findings by drawing a diagram, labelling and explaining what we saw, heard and felt. We discussed the statement ‘something has to move for a sound to be made’ and used our findings from our investigation to agree or disagree with the statement.