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WB 4th July

This week in RE, Year 5 have brought together all of their fantastic learning from the summer term so make visual presentations based on each of the 5 Pillars of Islam. Working in teams, the children used their knowledge, books and working walls to collate everything they have learnt into a final summary. Following this, each group presented their creations to the class and summarised fully what each of the pillars stands for. Finally, the child had the chance to think introspectively and came up with 5 things/values that helped support them. They should be very proud of all their hard work in RE this half term!

WB 13th June 2022

This week in year 5, we have been learning about the anatomy of a plant. The children had to take part in a treasure hunt around the classroom, gathering all the information they could find out about each of the reproductive parts of a plant. Once they had compiled all the information, they had to draw a plant in their book and label each reproductive part, explaining its function. They also enjoyed listening to a rap about plant life cycles to top it all off!

WB 6th June 2022

This week in English, we read the poem ‘The Highwayman’. We have been particularly focusing on Alred Noyes’ description of the eerie setting and how he uses pathetic fallacy to create an ominous atmosphere. The children identified the poetic techniques that had been used to describe the setting (including enjambment and caesura) before planning and writing their own setting description based on the poem. They have really been focusing on their use of high-level vocabulary, language techniques and using a range of sentence openers in their writing.

WB 3rd May 2022

This week, 5CP have been looking at the life cycle of insects (both complete and incomplete metamorphosis). They discovered that insects who undergo complete metamorphosis have a 4-stage lifecycle whereby they completely transform. Whereas insects who undergo incomplete metamorphosis have a 3-stage life cycle. The children then wrote a short story as a butterfly, documenting their transformation using the key vocabulary learnt in the lesson.

WB 25th April 2022

This week, 5CP enjoyed learning about the importance of sleep in PSHE. On their tables, children totalled up the total amount of sleep they had the night before.  As a class, we then learnt about the benefits of a good night’s sleep and the side effects one might experience due to a lack of sleep. We also looked at some top tips to help us to get a good night’s sleep every night. Then, children made a double-page spread information poster in their books on the importance of sleep.

WB 19th April 2022

This half term, Year 5 are researching the vicious Vikings... and whether they should be known as such! This week we have shared what they already know about the Vikings, and why they have such a bad reputation. Following this, we analysed and explored both primary and secondary sources relating to the Vikings and decided whether they painted them in a good light or a bad light, discussing after if our initial ideas about them had changed. Finally, we created timelines of the main events involving the Vikings, from when they first arrived on British shores at Lindisfarne to when the Normans were victorious at the Battle of Hastings. We can’t wait to start exploring the events in between in more detail next week!

WB 28th March 2022

This week, to conclude their exploration of Earth and Space in science, 5CP have been learning about the phases of the moon. They have explored the difference between the waxing and waning cycles, and by the end of the lesson could identify each of the 8 stages from pictorial representations with ease and confidence. To showcase all their new knowledge, they combined their love of learning with deliciously sweet treats and turned Oreos into each of the different phases of the moon!

WB 21st March 2022

5CP have been looking at databases in computing this half term and this week have even started to make their own! Having spent time researching their chosen topic, they have begun to create easily records of information within this category and have inputted detailed information in the fields. Next week they will start to form questions around their database so that someone else can explore it and compare data in an accessible way.

WB 14th March 2022

This week in PSHE, 5CP have been learning all about diversity and inclusion. The children have explored what both terms mean and they were able to recognise what makes everyone different.  Showing real empathy for others, they discussed how diversity may affect individuals lives and benefit the collective community, and also came up with ways that we could help promote this in the world.

WB 7th March 2022

This week in science, the children of Year 5 have been investigating the properties of the planets in our solar system. The children have uncovered the differences between rocky and gas planets, identifying their key features and properties.

As well as this, the children researched each of the planets in more detail, using the classroom as a marketplace of information! Each child became an expert on their given planet, and then taught others about what makes theirs so fascinating. From this, they were able to find further similarities and differences within the categories of rocky and gassy planets, resulting in some fantastic non-chronological reports. We certainly have some budding astronomers!