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Parent Partnership

Dilkes Academy acknowledges the positive impact that parental engagement has on a child’s achievement. We have a designated Parent Partnership coordinator, Eleni Ridgewell, who is available to support parents/carers with any issues at home or at school, and to assist the school in ensuring that children are supported and inspired to learn in a culture of high expectations, in which parents:

  • are welcomed, respected and valued by the school community, as partners in their children’s learning and development;
  • have opportunities to be involved, and also a broad range of choices about how to be involved, in the educational community to support their child’s success;
  • are engaged through the use of on-going communication with the school and other education services to support a positive educational environment at school and at home;
  • are supported with information and tools necessary to participate in school life.


Our strategy to encourage parental engagement

Our approach identifies four key success strategies designed to support parents, so that they have the opportunity, skills and tools to work together with staff and contribute fully to the success of their child at Dilkes;

  1. School Climate — we will foster and sustain a positive, welcoming school climate in which all parent perspectives are encouraged, valued and heard.
  2. Eliminating Barriers — we will aim to identify and remove barriers to parent engagement that may prevent some parents from fully participating in their children’s learning, and to reflect the diversity of our students and communities.
  3. Support for Parents — we will provide parents with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to support student learning at home and at school.
  4. School Community Involvement — we will foster good relations between different partners through regular social events to build the community.


What is parental engagement?

At Dilkes we recognise many different forms of parental engagement, and believe that each is an important contributor to a child’s success at school.

Here are some key examples.

  1. Becoming involved in school activities, like the Parent Partnership Team, who arrange and run fun and entertaining events for the pupils and families of Dilkes.
  2. Join the Parent Council, which is a great opportunity to exchange perspectives, and to ensure parental views are communicated appropriately.
  3. Providing a positive learning environment at home, actively working with children to support what they are learning in school, and making learning an important part of the day.
  4. Having productive conversations with teachers so that there is clear communication between the school and at home.
  5. Becoming involved in other school activities, and volunteering to help with school events, trips and other activities.


If you have any queries about Parent Partnership, require any advice/assistance or simply wish to get involved please contact Eleni Ridgewell.