During the Summer Term, Dilkes Academy ran a History competition.  Pupils were tasked that, if they visited a place of historical interest, to take a photo of it, carry out some research and enter a submission about it.  The prize for the winning entry was a Kindle Fire. 

Please click here to see the letter sent to the pupils with the details of the competition.

We were delighted with the number of fantastic entries we received.  A special thanks must go to the parents/carers of the pupils who assisted them with their projects.  

Please click here to see a complete list of all pupils who entered and the names of the top three entrants.

Well done to all participating pupils who received a certifcate for their efforts. Congratulations to Amelia and Amy who received a Horrible Histories Book and Isabella who was the winning entrant.  We hope you enjoy your Kindle Fire Isabella.


Each class teacher has chosen a pupil to be the Star Historian for their class.  The Star Historians are:

1.      Billy - 1O

2.      Riley - 1S

3.      Olivia - 2E

4.       Aline  – 2NS

5.       Vanessa  – 3N

6.       Ella – 3G

7.       Amelia  – 4M

8.       Kyle  – 4K

9.       Harry  – 5R

10.   Joshua  – 5P

11.    Elias  – 6G

12.   Millie  – 6S