School Council

At Dilkes Academy we have 18 School Council representatives, who were elected by their class peers at the beginning of the school year. In addition to this we have a chair and vice chair person, who were voted into the role following passionate speeches about why they would be suited to the role!

The School Councillors have a key role in helping to make our school a happy and safe place for all pupils. They provide key links between their class and other groups/committees in addition to ensuring that all pupils are involved in decisions about the school that affect them. The School Councillors know that pupil voice is important and always listen to their peer’s suggestions, make notes and discuss these during weekly School Council meetings. To begin the school year, school council representatives are collecting views on how to improve the playground experience at both break and lunch times. Please speak to a member of the school council with your suggestions.

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School Council Update

Chair and Vice Chair Announcement. 

The School Council held an internal election of Officers for the 2017/18 academic year.  As a result Jean-Jaques (6P) will be Chair Person, Emily (5S) Vice Chair, Leah (6P) Secretary and Arnold (6G) is Treasurer.  Well done to all four of them and thank you to all the members of the Council who put themselves forward for one of these positions.

Remembrance Day 2017

In preparation for Remembrance Sunday, the School Council organised a sale of poppies, wrist bands and other poppy branded items.  The total raised was an amazing £362.43!  Thank you for your support and generous donations.

Internet Safety Week Poster Competition

As we prepare for our Internet Safety sessions on the 7th and 8th February, the School Council are holding a poster competition.  Anyone in school can enter and they should use their understanding of internet safety from lessons in school to help them design an eye catching poster.  The best posters will receive a prize and be put on display in the hall, the deadline is Wednesday 7th February.