School Council

At Dilkes Academy we have 18 School Council representatives, who were elected by their class peers at the beginning of the school year. In addition to this we have a chair and vice chair person, who were voted into the role following passionate speeches about why they would be suited to the role!

The School Councillors have a key role in helping to make our school a happy and safe place for all pupils. They provide key links between their class and other groups/committees in addition to ensuring that all pupils are involved in decisions about the school that affect them. The School Councillors know that pupil voice is important and always listen to their peer’s suggestions, make notes and discuss these during weekly School Council meetings.To begin the school year, school council representatives are collecting views on how to improve the playground experience at both break and lunch times. Please speak to a member of the school council with your suggestions.

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School Council Update

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Chair and Vice Chair Announcement. 

During our last couple of meetings, members of the school council gave speeches explaining why they wanted to be chair. All pupils who stood up spoke with great confidence and outlined what qualities they would bring to the team. Well done to all pupils who prepared speeches. We can now announce that the chair of school council is Kyle A-M and the vice chair is Tilly D. 

Last Friday, the school council planted brand new trees in the woodland and meadow area of the school. The trees were given to the school by the Woodland Trust. Thank you to Mr Sanger who helped dig up holes for the new trees. Click here to see the photos. 

Houses of Parliament

On 7th July, the School Council will be visiting the Houses of Parliament. This year, the children will receive a guided tour of the Palace of Westminster where they will visit the Commons, Lords Gallery and Westminster Hall. During the second part of the afternoon, the School Council will participate in group work and video analysis, and develop debating techniques alongside gaining an understanding about the styles of discussion that take place in Parliament.  We will be visiting the Houses of Parliament with the School Council team from Quarry Hill.

Rural Arising Project

Last year our school had the privilege of naming a lake at the new Little Belhus Country Park which is being redeveloped by Rural Arisings. Each class in the school submitted their ideas for the name and the school council narrowed it down to a choice of 6. The 6 names were displayed for the public to vote at the opening of the lake, which is now called Wocaduna Waters. On 15th July this year, the school council team will be visiting the lake in order to create a mosaic for the name plaque. . Click here to see 'mosaic making'.

Civic Offices Visit

On 12th January Miss Law, Mrs Ridgewell and Mr Latham took 18 School Council members to the Civic Offices in Grays. The children were greeted by the Mayoress’s secretary and given a tour of the Mayor’s parlour and the chambers. They met with our current Mayoress, Sue Gray, who answered lots of questions about her role and how she got the job. Inside the chambers, the children sat in the councillors’ chairs and held their own School Council meeting which was chaired by Liam and Milly. They also listened as Mayoress Sue Gray explained about how her own Council meetings are conducted. Once the meeting was finished, the children shared a drink and biscuits with the Mayoress and had the privilege of trying on the ceremonial robes, hat and chain! It was a wonderful experience. Click here to see pictures of our visit.